Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 for Tuesday--Our trip so far...

How is it that I have time to blog as I travel across the country, but not when I am just at home?

10- We tried to leave IF Saturday so we could get to SLC to stay with cousins. Traffic was terrible when we ran our last-minute errands, so it got later and later. We drove as far as Poky and stopped. Great progress, I know. (It is only 45 minutes away) We found out later it was a blessing in disguise because the I-15 was closed all afternoon and we would have been driving forever to get around it.

9- When we were packing up gifts to take and figuring out what needed to stay at Mom's we realized we had way too many gifts for the stockings; we ended up taking 2 bags of stuff back. They will never miss it, though. Trust me.

8- On Sunday, we got up early and drove to SLC to have lunch with our cousins -- quesadilla party! Then we stopped by Ryan's aunt's house to see her new baby who was born Dec, 10, Jack. He has the same cute little old man look that Clark had. He seems a lot smaller, though. So cute and tiny!

7- As we drove south, the weather got noticeably warmer. The heater in the car kept getting turned lower and lower until it was completely off. I love me a nice white Christmas, but the warmth is so appealing this year that I don't mind the lack of snow.

6- St. George was lovely. Spending time with Adams was even better. I miss Sunnie. It was good to see her. We stayed up until 2 am laughing and talking. Good times, good times.

5- We went to lunch in Vegas as Ryan mentioned, but we ran into a few obstacles while we were there. It took us 3 hours to get out of that freaking town. I love it, but everything that could go wrong did. Including me sending a bill without a stamp on it. Blurg...

4- When we woke up Monday morning, it was raining a tiny bit. In IF, Poky and SLC, it was a blizzard with 8 inches and counting of snow. As far as I know, it kept coming down all day long. Another blessing in disguise because we had considered waiting until Monday morning to leave. Good choice to go when we did (thank you J & G).

3- On the way to Trent and Amber's house, we ran into a little rain near San Bernadino. I have heard Californians think they will melt if they get rained on and that was obvious by their lack of driving skills. People were driving 35 miles an hour in the middle of the freeway in the rain. Seriously. It is just a little water. It wasn't even that strong. Good grief.

2- My sister in law Amber and I spent the morning running all over town trying to buy passes to Disneyland for the kids' Christmas presents so we didn't have to stand in line. We went to about 7 different stores that sold them, but none that were 2 day park hopper passes like we needed. We did finally find them at The Disney Store (duh!) in the mall, but they were out of adult tickets and only had childrens. I bought them anyway and got free holdiay tins to put them in for the "gift wrap" (score!).

1- Santa is coming early to the Hansen children this year(mine anyway) so they can have the passes and spend the day at Disneyland on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What's that you say? I am crazy? I agree, but we shall try it out anyway. Merry Christmas to us! More to come!


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