Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dropping by...

Haven't spent much time on the computer as of late, but wanted you all to know I am still alive and will post more later! On that note, 4 more days until I turn 100!


lisha said...

Ahh, at least you'll be 100 before me! What are your big plans?? :)

Shelley said...

woo hoo! 100! Also, I think either someone has your password, or you've got multiple personalities! Either way... YIKES!

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

Hey Birthday Buddy! It is 12:05 May I be the first (though you may not see this first) to wish you a big
Happy Birthday. I sure hope we aren't 100 even though I feel it.
Love Ya tons Lish
Love your BFF

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