Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trying something new

My former roomie Shelley has a great idea. She posts her "10 for Tuesday" on her blog every week. I thought I would never have enough to talk about to use the idea, but sitting here trying to decide what to write I have a ton of ideas running through my head so I think I might try it. Don't be surprised if I don't make it clear to 10 though.

1-I have gotten super attached to blogging lately. Even if I don't write something, I check everyday to see who is writing. It has become habit, just like checking my email. I look forward to the blogs more than the email though I must admit. Every time I check I think of people in my life who don't blog but I wish they would. How can we start a blogging movement to get more people to start? I think once they do they would keep at it. Like I said, I love it.

2-My baby is starting to look more like a human than a squashed raisin. He looks 85 but the old man look is kinda cute. Ry said tonight that our kids are cuter than other babies he knows. I think he is biased but who wouldn't be. I do think we have cute kids though. Clark is also starting to look around and even smile occasionally. Not at us, probably at passing gas.

3-Luke has become a good little student. Granted he is still a little boy and can be rambunctious at times, but he is really enjoying pre-school. Jill, his teacher, is so creative and smart with her ideas to teach about the kids. I am super impressed with everything he has learned already. It has only been 2 weeks. Luke has even started saying "I am smart" whenever he tells me about what he is learning. I confidence is noticeably growing. He tries things he normally wouldn't and doesn't want too. I love it.

4-You may not be aware, but Emma is also super smart. She says the most random things that I really wonder where she heard it or how the thought arrived in her head. Of course I cannot think of one right now when it would be a good time, but I do have a thought about it. I am considering starting a new blog all about the funny things kids say, mine and others-cousins mostly. We are always sharing the hilarious things that come out of their mouths so I thought it would be a great way to keep it all written down. Let me know your thoughts on that. Good idea or not?

5-I love the fall! The weather took a super chilly turn these last few days. I can usually handle the chill and really prefer it, but I found myself regretting the lack of a jacket when I took the girls to school yesterday and today. The leaves are changing and starting to fall off the trees. Fall harvest foods are so delicious. Squash, pumpkin, zucchini, not to mention all the other fresh fruit and vegys that are ready. I made stew and homemade rolls for dinner last night and it made me excited for all the other soups and stews I get to make over the next few months! I know things like that get me super excited when most people think I am just crazy. What can I say, I am a cook at heart. No matter what else I do it is what keeps me going deep in my soul.

6-Ok I am going to say it. I love TV. I know I really shouldn't. It can be a total waste of time, especially when the house needs attention. But the season premiers have been this week and I love it. All the shows I love are coming back on. There are a couple new ones I have started watching also that I am happy about. So that is my vice. BUT the big benefit is the nursing the baby factor. I have something to do while I sit and wait for him to eat. It takes a long time when they are so small and it feels like they eat all day long. But that might just be because I love to hold him even when he isn't eating. He smells so good!

7-Those of you who live near me know that a prominent figure in our community died over the weekend while he was snorkeling. His name is Wayne Richards and he was on KLCE 97, a local radio station on the morning show. I knew him a little bit. I got to record a few commercials with him several years ago for a job I had. My point is this. His partner on the radio show Liza is in fact a good friend of mine. She had to wake up Monday morning and tell everyone that Wayne was dead. She had a bad day. The hardest part was listening to her all morning and crying with her. We were able to go spend the evening with her family last night. They are such great friends we have been blessed to have them in our life.
Liza at Christmas time. Not the best pic, but the only one I could find.
There are better ones here.

8-About 5 years ago Ryan and I decided we needed to get a better handle on our finances. We cut up all our credit cards and started the process of getting out of debt with the help of an outside consolidation company. This week marks the first great milestone in our progress. All of our credit cards are officially paid off. We do have student loans to tackle, but we have really made progress. It makes me so happy. *Pat on my back*

9-One positive thing about being married to a teacher and making a small salary is the instant pay increase each year. We almost forget it is coming, but it does. It is never a huge amount, but it is a nice surprise when payday comes around this time of year and there is a little more money than we thought we were getting. Didn't realize it until earlier today but it made me smile and sigh a little too.

10-I am gaining a stronger testimony of tithing. These past few months have been really tough monetarily for various reasons, but we have been blessed in ways we could never have imagined. I know it is because we have tried to be faithful in paying our tithing. I am always amazed at how learning something you thought you already knew just proves how much we really do have to learn in this life. This week some things have happened that prove that to me again. And just in case you just stumbled upon my blog and are curious about my beliefs you can read more about them here.

Well there it is. I did it and it was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be. Hope you enjoyed my first 10 for Tuesday. Not sure if I will do it every week. We will have to wait and see.


Shelley said...

Yay! You did it! :) I loved your list too! :) See? it's not so rough! And I'm jealous that your cc's are all paid off! I'm so going to get to that zone! I promise!

Jill said...

Love this post, Lisha. Thanks for your kind words. I love having Luke as a student. He is growing-and he says "I can't" less and less each time. (Such a goal of mine!)

I may try this...
Thanks for the inspiration too. No CC debt....what I wouldn't give!

Love ya.

Shalah said...

Hi Lisha (and Ryan and family)! Congratulations on your new son! Little Clark is so adorable!! I'm so happy for all of you. I want to see a pic of all the amazing things you have no doubt knitted for him. Hey, you motivated me to start a blog too. So I figured it out. It was way more complicated for me than I should ever admit- I wish you had been sitting next to me to get me through it. You wanna come over this afternoon and help me tackle it some more? I may be too intimated now to go back to it for a while, but at least I've started. :) We miss you guys! Get some naps when you can. love, Shalah

Trent & Amber said...

Ok, a few things, the kangaroo wrap thing from an earlier post is SO true!! I have never had a baby that needed held and Cael cries if he is not eating or sleeping. I have had the Bjorn on more this week than I had the entire time with Nathan. Cael also is starting to look a little more baby, less rasin, that is a funny description. I too, love TV and my DVR would usually be full this week, but as you said, everytime I sit down I am watching at least one show through. And, one final thing, that's so funny that you mentioned how cute your kids are because when I saw their pictures with Clark I told Trent those kids are so beautiful. I know I should say that Luke is beautiful, but sorry Ryan he really is.

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