Sunday, September 28, 2008

A new haircut and a dead camera

Oh one more thing. I went and got my hair cut yesterday and my eyebrows waxed. Honestly have not been to a salon since I found out I "might' be pregnant. I deserved it don't you think? Anyway, it doesn't look any different, just healthier, but I thought I would pass that along.

I would add a picture but my camera died. Something about the part that absorbs the battery power is not attached right so it thinks the batteries are always dead or dying and I can only take one picture if I am lucky before it shuts down due to "batteries depleted". Sad I know. So pictures will be sporatic. Ry has several at school for his program so when he has a spare to bring home I will take advantage of it until I can get a new one. Any suggestions on which kind would be appreciated. My dead one is an hp. Not horrible but not the best one I have used. It does have 5 mega pixels though which was pretty good when I got it 3 years ago.


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