Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1-The leaves on some of the trees around our neighborhood are starting to turn yellow. I think it is because people gave up on watering, but none the less they are turning. On the way to my moms (she lives in a canyon between mountains)the mountains are all covered in orange and red trees. Fall is officially here. I am breaking out the cookie cutters and baking pumpkin bread. I can't wait!

2-Pumpkin Bread is seriously my favorite thing of all time. I anxiously await this time of year so I will have an excuse to make it. Not far behind are pumpkin bars. They are sweeter and just as delicious, but you can eat a lot more bread without the guilt!

3-My baby is 4 weeks old yesterday and 1 month old tomorrow. It is the in betweener celebratory day! HOORAY CLARK! So cute and so sweet. I know I keep saying it but he really is precious.

4-Teacher Inservice Day. I know by all accounts I really should not like these days (this Thurs and Fri) because all kids home and working husband. You know like normal people in the summer. But I am so excited to NOT GO ANYWHERE all weekend long! No school, no preschool, no dance, if I time it right, no errands and because of conference, no church! I never thought I would be bothered by being busy, but since school started I feel like I have not been able to catch up. I did have a baby along the way so that I am sure contributed to the falling behind feeling. But I am looking forward to a weekend "off" or at least out of the car.

5-General Conference is this weekend and I am looking forward to it a lot. In Colorado we got to dress up and watch it at the church or listen on the internet. But now because of DVR we can record it and watch it over and over. Don't think I am all churchy, I just have a short attention span so 2 or 3 talks are my limit--not to mention the interuptions from children can be paused! I really am excited to watch and listen to the prophets. It is going to be a great weekend I already know.

6-I got a bladder infection and the only reason I mention it is I bought the antibiotics today. So technically by tonight I should feel better! Cross your fingers for me!

7-I have added 4 new friends to my list of bloggers since last week. The revolution has started. 2 of them are brand new blogs that I like to think I inspired. Pretty soon everyone I care about will have a blog. That is my goal. Someday...

8-My friend called me and offered to bring us dinner. How great is that? The benefits of having a baby have not worn off yet. Another ward member brought me a pack of diapers the other day too. People are so sweet! I love the way service works. I always like to bake something yummy and share it with a friend. And every once in awhile, when you least expect, a great person will do something for you.

9-Baby swings are my friend.

10-Jill has been internetless for almost a whole week. No email, no blogs, no anything. How annoying and painful. I'm grateful we live in town and actually have a working connection. She does get to go on vacation today though so I don't feel that bad for her.


sunnie said...

I would love some of your pumpkin bread! Do I have your recipe? I guess I'll have to make it myself.

Shelley said...

I'd love the recipe too! (You know, for the blog/recipe box!) Same goes for the pumpkin bars! Happy 1 month old to Clark today! We need to see more pictures of that little munchkin! See? 10 for Tuesday isn't that hard is it? ;) Love ya!

Robyn said...

I'm envious of your culinary abilities! But I figure since Josh is lactose intolerant I wouldn't get to make all of that fun stuff anyway :( So sad. I'm excited for conference too! Did you get to watch the Relief Society meeting last Sat? Bro Uchtdorf was super good. I like his humor.

lisha said...

Yes it was good. Our stake always has food before and this year it was all about chocolate. Can't go wrong there.

Shalah said...

Ok, credit due. Lisha, you ARE my inspiration to start a blog! Thanks for motivating me with you cool blog! By the way, I spent at least a half hour tonight looking at the beautiful pics of baby Clark (and your family). They are amazing. #40 and #46 are amazing for their artistic statement. I love #23 and also #2 (you look gorgeous and so serene!). I love all of them! What an amazing photographer friend you have. I wish I could have that kind of quality work done for our family! Shalah

Jill said...

Just thought I'd let you know-I am now officially reconnected!!! Took long enough. Our trip was amazing. Thanks for the tips! I'll have to tell you all about it tomorrow.
Thanks for the mention in your 10!

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