Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here is something fun...

Yesterday when Ryan got in the shower it was ....well lets just say it WOKE him up well. The breaker had tripped and turned off the electricity to the water heater and we had no hot water. The night before he had mentioned something about hearing popping noises and seeing lights flickering. We thought it was the lamp in the girls bedroom because we had just replaced the bulb and there is always a question mark about wattage on those things. We flipped the breaker back on and as usual I was running late to so we hurried and got ready and ran out of the house. We ate out for lunch and had leftovers for dinner so I never really thought much about it again, until this morning when I tried to take a shower and the water never got warm.

Needless to say, the element inside our water heater had burned up. Not only that, it had broken itself in half from the burning. Super fun! So the best part about this story is that I have not showered in 3 days now. Nice. And gross. But it is all fixed and I am writing this while I patiently wait for the water heater to make the water warm again so I can wash the stink off my body. I feel sweaty and gross. Being pregnant in no air conditioning in 90+ weather doesn't help either.

But now for the fun part! I get a new bathtub out of the deal. How did a broken water heater net me a new bathtub you might ask? Well, when my landlord (yes I said landlord. Someday we will make it out of the land of the renters, I promise!) came over to "check up" on the repair guys who were consequently just here a couple days ago fixing the puddle surrounding my toilet and my leaky fixtures in the tub, she saw the bathtub and realized that is was old and gross and really needed to be thrown out on the curb. She is super nice and I am not one to complain so we have dropped subtle hints about it, but never really sad anything out right. But seeing is believing and believe me it needs to be replaced. It is one that is beyond the point of cleaning because try as you might, you cannot clean it even if you want too. I have literally used EVERYTHING I could think of to try and make it look somewhat normal. Every soap scum shower cleaner they make, SOS pads, CLR, even a Magic Eraser, which by the way came the closest to remotely cleaning the "scum"off. So I am super happy about getting a new one. We will go to our fun family reunion in 2 weeks and come home to a nice new shower/tub in our gross bathroom which will hopefully not be so gross anymore after that.

Wow this is boring. Sorry for anyone who actually took the time to read that. But yes my life is that dull right now. I feel like the waiting for the baby thing is taking forever and everything else is in a holding pattern until he is born. Which is weird because I am usually too busy to notice--at least I felt like that with the others. I think the heat is clouding my mind and I am just dazed all the time as I walk through life waiting for a great thing like a rain storm to come along and take the edge off for a few minutes. I don't remember being this hot when I was pregnant with Luke in the summer time. Maybe it is all part of the forgetting how bad it hurts thing so we have more kids. You forget how miserable you felt in the heat of the summer--and when your joints start loosening up too. I really don't remember that hurting as bad as it does right now.

So watch for the Before/After pics to come in a couple weeks of my new and improved bath tub. I would post the before pics now but I don't want to sick you out without anything to redeem myself with to go along. Now maybe I will be able to bathe the new baby without cringing at what might be lurking in there. Phew...


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