Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mud Balls

The other day Em and Luke went outside to play. Little did we know they had found the hose and used it to fill the flower pot full of water. Nice. Ry tried to keep me from looking outside and with good reason. He made me promise not to get mad. So of course I had to see what they were doing. And then I grabbed the camera.

Luke's favorite cartoon is Diego and he loves to make Mud Balls which is something he learned from the Dinosaur adventure. Did the writers even think about what they were teaching when they made that stupid part? Not only did they show them how to make mud balls, they taught them how to use mud balls as baseballs and they made it look fun! Of course any 2 year old kid is going to want to try it. Now we can't keep him out of the mud.

Not only that, Em loves it too so they are always in the dirt and turning it to mud. This was the turning point though. Ry went out and hosed them off with the freezing water so we could bring them in the house without the mess. The neighbor thought we were killing our kids. It's true. He is in Ry's 6th hour and told the whole class about it.

The biggest problem with this is the photos. You have to document the silly messes they make, but you can't laugh. The only thing that keeps me sane is laughing about it so I don't cry. But when I am laughing and the camera comes out they start posing and then it makes it really hard to punish them. Mostly because they don't take it seriously. So this is why my house is a mess and my kids are crazy.
At least I am not uptight!
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