Sunday, April 15, 2007

I feel Inactive

Today is Stake Conference and right about now it is ending (Kansas time is an hour later) and they are preparing to eat the feast of BBQ sandwiches (which the congregation had to smell cooking the entire 2 hour meeting) chips and cookies. Yes that is all. One year our Bishop encouraged our ward to bring fresh fruits and vegetables so we did. You could barely find them amongst the bags of chips and mountains of cookies. We haven't done it again.

Obviously I am not there. Ryan had to go to Denver for the week and will not be home until this evening. So I opted out. 2 hour drive + 2 hour meeting + 1 Messy meal + 2 hour drive + 3 small very active kids. You do the math. It adds up to 1 insane and extremely frazzled mom in my book.

But here is the worst part. Due to extensive travel and meetings beyond our control (General Conference) we have not been to a regular meeting of church for a month! Luke was begging me the other day to please take him to primary. Please can I go to church? Please mom? I feel horrible. Last night I almost considered driving to La Junta (an hour the other direction) to find a ward there. Again, the driving without the husband-support. Then I considered calling a friend and attending her church with her. But the reality of Mom this isn't our church. Mom this isn't how we do it at our church. Why are they singing those weird songs? Why don't they wear dresses to church? Set in and I decided against it.

So here we sit, in our favorite princess outfits (Luke is a football player) watching our most recent addition to our Book of Mormon Stories videos. They are working really hard to build that ship.


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