Thursday, April 12, 2007

A day in the life...

Being a mom is nothing you can ever be prepared for. I knew how to do most of the stuff I thought I needed long before I ever became one. I can cook, iron, sweep, mop, drive, read, make a bed, do laundry, do dishes, scrub a toilet, play, change a diaper, and give hugs. I have lots of sisters and brothers to practice on. But there is something about being in charge of someone elses life that is a little overwhelming. And now 3 someones' lives. But I never seem to know everything. There is a new something to add to my list everyday.

For instance, Ally has a cold and has for about 4 days now. She stayed home from school Tuesday because she just was not feeling well. That was the responsible thing to do right? I don't want her to spread it around. Wednesday was better so she went to school but she is still super congested. So this morning I gave her some decongestant/cough medicine before she left for school. Being the kind of thinker I am, I gave her another little strip to take after lunch time was over. This way she would have the next dose in 4 hours. We went over when she was to take it 4 times so she knew exactly the right moment and not too soon.

About 8:30 I get a call from the school secretary. Ally has brought medicine to school and does not have a signed permission note from her Dr. for her to take it, so we have put it here in the office for you to pick up. You can come down here and give it to her, but she cannot take it herself. What in the world? That is a new one. I understand why and they are just trying to protect themselves, but this is just another example of the little things you can never be prepared for.

So of course I go down to her school at noon, the appointed time to take her medicine, after I drop Emma off at her preschool, so I can open the little foil packet and stick the strip on her tongue. Because as a 5 year old she is unable to do this for herself. It is about as difficult as eating a piece of gum. Something she has done a million times in her short life, but still too hard.

So next time I will have to plan ahead by calling the Dr. to get a signed permission form, go out to his office and pick it up, but after I drop Ally off at school because they are not open that early, and drop if by her school secretary with the medication so they can give it to her to take herself because they are not medical personnel to dispense it to her.
OR I can just take it the 4 blocks and give it to her myself.


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