Saturday, September 15, 2012

Football Pics

Fall is here! Football season is in full swing. Leaves are turning and the temperature is dropping! Luke is loving football again this fall. His team is undefeated this year. 4-0. Such a great improvement considering they won 1 game in 3 seasons before this one. He is super fast and has scored a touchdown every game. This morning was team pictures at 7:30 a.m. Surprisingly only had one kid a little late. Ryan made it for the picture but we missed the game for his cousins wedding.

I'm pretty impressed with the athletic talent my 7 year old has been blessed with. Heaven knows he didn't get it from me. Maybe didn't even get it from his dad either. We will thank his uncles for that one! He is super fun to watch and such a quick study when it comes to anything new. He is pretty good at every sport he tries. It's kind of annoying actually. But we love to watch him play and I know he would rather be on a field than anywhere else. So here is to 10 more years of football--at least. Clark will probably want to play in a few years too.


Sandi said...

How exciting to have such a talented and athletic kid! I want to encourage my kids to be athletic and physically active. As a former Band/Choir nerd and someone who was never good at sports, it's hard for me to overcome my personal bias against sports, though.

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