Sunday, September 9, 2012

YanKee Kan Kook

  In case you don't know, it is fair season. Every county in every state has one, at least out here in the West we do. It all culminates into one grand STATE FAIR at the end of the summer. My girls have 4H projects that went to both county and state fairs this year.
 Our Eastern Idaho State Fair (yes there is also a Western Idaho State Fair. I guess our state is big enough to need 2) is held in Blackfoot every year starting with the Labor Day weekend. There are lots of rides, animals, concerts, races and of course food booths. That is where the Smith family comes in. My parents have run a food booth at our state fair for 29 years now. I have only missed working in it a few times when  I was in college and living in Colorado. 
  We love to hate the fair.  It's 8 grueling days of grease and wind and cranky people.  Everyone helps, plus a few friends who have become part of our carnie-family over the years.  For the kids it is a rite of passage to get to work in the booth.  Technically, none of them are old enough yet, but they all seem to get their turn one way or another. 
  So I present to you The Fair 2012 in photos.  Enjoy.



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