Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma Hansen

Yesterday would have been Ryan's moms 60th birthday. I often think about what it will be like when I finally get to meet her. Even though I have not been blessed by her directly, there are a lot of thoughts I have I want to remember.

I am told she was super fun and loved life. That is evident in her boys, especially Ryan. We laugh a lot. He has a fun outlook on life. It is almost annoying when I want to be in a bad mood...he never lets it last too long.
When I first met Neil, he made a comment about how I looked a lot like her. I took that as a compliment.

Everytime I have been pregnant I have an overwhelming feeling of the bond she has with my children. I know she is there, passing them on to her oldest son for our keeping.

When Ally was born, her first grand baby, we were given her baby picture, because she looks exactly like her.

As my kids get older, I feel the importance of trying to know her more and more.
We have a special relationship with Grammy and Grandpa Taylor. They took over for her when she passed and the boys have always remained top on their priority list, filling in in places she would have been. Weddings, baby blessings, holidays, etc.
People complain about mother-in-laws, but I have wished my whole marriage that I had one. When Neil remarried it was a blessing I had been waiting for for 5 years. I am blessed with 2 women to look at as great examples. My kids have a wonderful Grandma Mimi and hear memories full of pictures to look at as examples of love and service.

Thanks for all the love and joy you brought into Ryan's life.


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