Thursday, November 4, 2010

A princess, a punk, a ninja and a lion

Halloween has turned into an "event" these past few years. All the Smith cousins travel to get together because any holiday is better with cousins! Not only is there Trick or Treating, there are the Trunk or Treats a plenty to attend, the obligatory random ward party for dinner and of course the donuts, cider and toothbrushes from Grandma and Grandpa D. (He is an orthodontist). This year the festivites started at Maga and Papa's house. Here we are all ready for our evening of fun! Sam, T and A joined us for our first stop.

I spent the week trying to teach Clark to say "Trick or Treat" but of course he just stared at me blankly. As soon as Luke told him to say it though he wouldn't stop. When he first tried our the phrase I told him to say it to Maga and she would give him candy. Shoked and amazed, he said it to her one more time just to be sure, and of cousre it worked again! After that reaction, he was more than happy to say it to anyone who would listen. Anything for candy!

On to the pictures.

Poorly disguised Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman

Gertie with Little Z and her first Halloween, 9 days old.

He really liked having hair, even if it was scratchy and very poorly combed.

Molly and Suby.
We used her house as "homebase" for all our Trick or Treating.
It is in a great neighborhood and close to Grandma's house.

I remember when Papa had thick, black hair. He looked much better than this.

"I'm Harry Carry. How you doin'? You look wonderful!"

Cousin shot on Grandma D's lawn.

G the ladybug, Suby the Care Bear, Ally "the Punk" and Birdie as Athena.

Princess Lu and Princess Emma
(she wanted to wear the wig to church the next day and couldn't understand why that would not be appropriate)

Luke the Ninja ready to attack the cousins.

Clark the Lion all tuckered out after a long day of Trick or Treating,
and probably coming down off a sugar high.


Jill said...

So cute, Lisha.
You are blessed with an amazing family. But you know that already!! :)

And I totally think you should've let Emma wear the wig to church. Mean mom. Ryan should've worn his too-just for fun.

sunnie said...

Love the wig Ryan!

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