Monday, November 1, 2010

The Party

Luke's Birthday Bash was in Pocatello this year. All he wanted was to have his cousins at his party. How could we not comply? Payne's let us have the party at their house and most of the cousins were able to be there.

Luke and T.

"It's my Birthday!"
(and no he did not pee his pants, even though that would be normal for him. He spilled water on himself at dinner.)

At school right before he passed out his cupcakes to his friends, and right before the costume parade.

"The Tweens"
A small glimpse into our future...or as I like to refer to it, my worst nightmare.

Cousins waiting for cake!

The cake. SMB
"This mushroom makes you turn into a giant," as opposed to the ones that just make you big. Seriously? I got the right colors though! Oh and don't mind the cake showing...the box stuck to the top in transit and of course I did not take a picture before we left.


Sandi said...

wow, that was some cake!

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