Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ally!

My baby is 9! Oh how the time flies! She was born 2 weeks shy of our 1st anniversary and we could not have been more excited for our first baby girl! We are super excited for her. She is turning into such a beautiful young lady! I love her so much and really enjoy having her around and part of our family. The other night we went to dinner, just the 3 of us. She choose Texas Roadhouse because her favorite thing to eat in the whole world is steak. Plus she loves the rolls and honey butter they serve. I think she ate 4. Here is a recap of how we spent her day yesterday.

For breakfast we had Hootenanny Pancakes, or "Hoots" as we call them, by request from Al. This was a favorite when I was young made by Grandma Davis. Growing up, Ry knew them as German Pancakes. You blend the eggs with milk and flour then bake in a super hot oven and they puff up real big.

We had a Zooper Birthday Party with her friends and cousins at Tautphaus Park Zoo. They set up a tent and table and chairs for us right in the Children's Zoo area. We ate pizza, watermelon and Boston Cream Pie along with Root Beer floats. All favorites and requests. (Side Note: Eating food 10 feet from a Yak scratching his rear end...not too appetizing) The zoo also provided party games which included Animal Charades and a Scavenger Hunt for information at different exhibits throughout the zoo.

One of Ally's friends was telling her all about her animal family. She has a hippo for a mom, an elephant for a dad, and she is a is a kitty. Nice. But she also called her tallest friend a giraffe and Clark a baby goat. I love how candid kids are sometimes. (maybe I need to get back to the gym)

After the fun adventure at the zoo we headed home and spent the evening hanging out with our cousins from Pocatello, Dubs and Subee. He loves the trampoline and had fun playing with Luke for a long time outside. He also tried to teach him how to play Mario Kart Wii (one of Ally's gifts, and the best one in Luke's opinion) but he got a little frustrated and was content to just watch.

It was a fun filled day with lots of smiles and laughter.


Sandi said...

What a fun party!

Beth at Aunties said...

Happy Birthday Ally! I love all the rich traditions your fmily have from both the Smith's and Davises. It looked like a fun party.

I am glad Steve gave us your blog so we could see your beautiful family.
I read about your memorial Day Tradition and I clicked to read your cousin's post about the same outing because she reminds some what like your aunt Wendy looked like in High School who is my age. When I did I saw our precious JOSH!

Her husband Josh is from our home ward. We prayed for him on his mission and as a family we prayed for him both times he served in afghanistan. What a small world! His mom Mindi is one of my dearest friends! She let me know Robyn's mom is Christine.
We are looking forward to the wedding. Did you know your uncle Steve was in a wreck last night and totaled his car... we are so glad he was not hurt and is alright.

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