Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frizzy Skittles

Along with a bunch of other super cool stuff, Ally found a big bag of these Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits in one of her birthday gifts. The kids were discussing them at the dinner table the other night. Here are a few choice snipets I had to remember for posterity.
I love the way the frizzy tastes.
My favorite is to suck off the frizz and then chew the skittle up.
The frizz gets all over your hands when you hold them.
Those frizzy skittles are so sour. They make my mouth do this (pucker up here).
BTW in case you were wondering, they do not taste good. So I have heard. I make it a rule to not put things in my mouth that are declared gross by my husband as he is handing it to me.
Frizzy or otherwise.
Update: We went shopping today to look for Fathers Day gifts and Ally saw the Fizzl'd Skittles and said, "I know what we can get Dad...we can get him his OWN BAG of Frizzy Skittles for Fathers Day!" I am sure he will LOVE it!


Sandi said...

Here, try one, they're gross! LOL

lisha said...


Briett said...

love love love kids, thay say the funniest things. Thatcher has long drawn out conversations with himself that just make me laugh and most the time they don't make any sense:)
BTW-I love the family pics with all the orange.

Shalah said...

funny! And I just got caught up with May and June posts (I loved the great family reminiscing!). But this is July! Where are you?!! Even though I am a blog-slacker, I count on you to be posting regularly. Did you get translated?

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