Thursday, February 18, 2010

A glutton for punishment

Because there is not enough going on in my life and I don't feel like my stress levels have been hitting the highs I am looking for, I decided it was time for the girls to start piano lessons. I started when I was 5 or 6. Ry was 5 when he started. Ally is already 8. It was time to get going on that adventure. Truthfully the lack of a piano is what was holding me back in the first place. They would have started 2 years ago if I had had one.

Some people would not let that deter them. I have a friend who takes his kids to the church before school every morning to practice. I like to sleep too much to do that. Knowing how to play the piano is not worth my sanity. Now thanks to "Santa" and one very generous brother in law, I no longer have an excuse for them to not take lessons.

When school resumed after Christmas Break the girls started taking lessons from our neighbor every Monday afternoon. They were so excited they could hardly be contained. The first week of lessons was great. They actually fought over who got to practice first. It lasted for about 8 days. Even after the second lesson they were still excited and anxious. Then the reality of practicing every day set in and they are no longer anxious.

So now I not only have to bribe them to do homework every day, I have to coerce them into practicing piano too. Emma informed me the other day that she was done with piano. I told her no. I already paid for the lessons this month.


sunnie said...

Lol. Quincy wants little q to start taking lessons, I am not too anxious to get started because of the practicing commitment. I think if Quincy were around more he would understand how things work a little better.

Sandi said...

Hang in there!

Tandee said...

I want so bad for my girls to start piano lessons! It's been the whole money thing for us, which shouldn't be, because I don't know how my mom ever afforded it when my sister and I took lessons. I guess I should just find what I can really give up to make it work for at least my oldest for now... And I know I'm going to hate what you're going through right now. I can see it coming - oh, the drama of having to practice EVERY DAY! It's bad enough with homework! Can I handle it? How are you handling it? =)

Susan said...

We need to get on that here too, I really want to give my kids that advantage. It's hard to be the one to enforce practicing. LOL.

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