Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolve this

So how did you do on your resolutions last year? I did not do so well.

The thing about resolutions is you have to be reminding yourself about them all the time to make them a realistic goal. I do not do that and really could not remember more than 2 before I went back to the list I made.

I know I wanted to lose a bunch of weight...which I did, but gained back when LA Weight Loss went bankrupt or whatever happened to make them close all the centers with no notice to us.

TheVisiting Teaching was going GREAT, until they dissolved our ward and put us in a new one, with new companions and new people to visit.

The house decluttering I did pretty well at. We have less then a dozen boxes of random things stacked in the boys room now...mostly baby clothes. Then Christmas came and added back into the piles of stuff.

The dishes were sporadic at best. More done than not on most days, but I did start a job and am not home all the time anymore.

Keeping in touch is becoming easier with facebook, but still not where I want it to be--especially with my sister in laws.

I did not run in the race. I have not been running hardly at all.

So there are my excuses. I know it is a new start, but how realistic are resolutions? Are we setting ourselves up for a February Failure by creating these goal for ourselves that we really have no intention of accomplishing?

The gym was packed this morning...how long will that last really? I think a short term goal is a better way to work on something. At least for me it is. So here is my short term goal.

*Clean out the front room by putting all the decorations from Christmas away, in storage, and get the new piano set up.

Knowing me, this could take a month. So my deadline is Friday. I will return and report when I am done and set a new goal at that time. Who wants to join my 1 resolution at a time? Set a goal for yourself you know you can accomplish in under a month, a week preferably. Then when you achieve it, you will have that much more confidence to set and reach another one!

Good luck!


Nettie! said...

Good idea! I still haven't put away our decorations either so I'm w/you on trying to by Friday!

LA Weightloss - DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!

Sandi said...

Start coming to Stroller Bootcamp with me, pretty please? We can reach our goal together.

Sandi said...

Oh, it's now Monday, Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 9-10.

Brenda said...

I will join you :) I am going to get my thesis summary completed by Friday.

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...
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Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

I'm with you Lisha. My resilution is to get all of Christmas put away by Friday. I haven't done anything yet as we were gone and then I had to work. We can do this!!!

sunnie said...

Sounds good. I think goals should be attainable otherwise you get frustrated like you said.

Darci said...

Great thinking! I need a month...going to work on weight loss. I think that specfics is the key, soooooo. I am going to shoot for 10 lbs. I don't really know if that is reasonable yet. I haven't really tried to put a number and deadline to losing weight. As a secondary goal, I am going to finish my book about nutrition before it is time to renew it. I hope it will give me much info for accomplishing my weight loss goal. Thanks Lisha!

Shalah said...

You are such a wise lady Lisha! I totally identify. My new year's resolution is to finally accept the fact that, in our family, I alone am the only one motivated and responsible enough to make sure the toilet paper rolls stay stocked in the bathrooms. This is my 2010 effort toward emergency preparedness!

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

I got mine done - Jan 8. Next for me is to reorganize the kitchen!! I found that I can't give myself a week or I just wait till the last minute. So for this one I'm going to give my self a few days.

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