Sunday, June 21, 2009

Major Milestone

I just wanted to add my two cents here since I have a few minutes at home!

My baby got baptized yesterday and I am having mixed feelings about it. SO proud of her and her decicsion to be baptized. Feeling like I am all of a sudden on the path to O.L.D.

I have to share my experience though.

I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time we were welcoming people and all our family and friends started pouring in. It made me so happy to see everyone and to know how much people really do care about us. Ally was even a little on the shy side--I KNOW! That never happens. It was a little overwhelming for me and I think for her too.

So of course I started to cry. A little when my mom gave the talk on baptism, but not a lot until it was time for her to actually get in the water. Then I lost it. Whoever decided to close the door and have a special spot for the mom to wait so we could be there to "help" was a genius! So I stayed behind the door and bawled during the whole thing. Luckily Ally was too cold and shivery to notice that I was tear stained. The time it took to help her change and redo her hair was sufficient for me to regain my composure and reapply a little make up.

It was a great day and the spirit was really stong. I am grateful for my family and that they made the effort to be there.

Ryan's Dad and Step mom were able to visit from AZ and that was fun. I took a picture of them but... well you know what happened to the pictures if you read Ryan's post. I am just happy we got one. The plan is to take more in the pretty white dress provided by Rach (thanks G) near the temple sometime later this week, so watch for those pictures.


Amber M said...

Yaah Ally... we are so proud of you and your big decision. Keep up with the good work mom and dad. Hey we were in your ward last week but where were you????

the wrath of khandrea said...

keola is next up in our house... baptism in august. i will probably do the same exact thing, only since he's not my daughter, he'll be changing on the boys' side, so where am i supposed to go to cry???

lisha said...

Um...we are in the 26th ward, not the 11th. And according to Ryan, it is okay for the mom to stand back there to wrap the towel around the little freezing body when they come out of the water...even if it is on the "boy" side.

Sandi said...

Yeah, I noticed Ryan doing some crying too!

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