Monday, June 1, 2009

9 Months Old and MOBILE!

Clark is crawling. He learned yesterday in church, during Sunday School. Setting him in a circle and cleaning everything within his reach is no longer an option. All those little things all over the carpet are his favorite things to go after. So now my baby is eating everything he can get his hands on. My mom calls it "tweezer fingers." Today he gagged on a piece of paper and made himself throw up. It was awesome.

Tonight he heard the water as I ran his bath and he started moving toward the bathroom--with a little help from Ally. When he got close to the bathroom, he stopped. The floor felt different and he didn't like it. So he sat outside the bathroom door and whined because he wanted to be in the water, but didn't want to touch the floor. I can't say I blame him. It is disgusting. (Our toilet has a leak in the seal so there is always icky water surrounding the base of it no matter how many times a day I wipe it up. I know. Gross. They "fixed" it a few months ago, but it didn't last too long. I think we just need to redo the whole floor. I wish it was my choice.)


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