Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hannah Montana 3D movie

Ok...this is so jr high... but I am so excited for the Hannah Montana, Miley Cirus 3D movie that we are taking the girls too next week. How crazy that I am excited about this. Mostly because they have been really looking forward to it and they were super sad when they didn't get to go to the"real"concert when their friends did.

Here is the thing though, it was kind of expensive so we opted to not take Luke. He gets to spend the evening with his cousin Liam. So fun for him! Also, they are not even playing it in town so we have to drive 45 miles to the nearest theater showing it. And it has to be next week because it is only open for 1 week. HOLY COW. But it is in Pocatello luckily so we can stay over night with Maga and Papa.

And the weirdest thing? Ryan is more excited than I am I think. We bought the tickets yesterday and I think I saw him jump for joy a little. Not sure but I think so. More later!


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