Friday, January 11, 2008

Disney with no children

Ry is taking students to the National Journalism Convention in April which is in Anaheim this year. I get to go as the female sponsor so yeah for me. The funny part is that I feel extremely selfish going to Disneyland with no kids.

Princesses, Cars, Nemo and no children to be there to share it with. I just feel really selfish at not taking them with us. Partly because we were planning to take them until the whole "We want a Wii" happened. Also, everytime they see a commercial for it they ask when they get to go. 6, 4 and 3. Perfect ages to truly appreciate the magic right? And not too old to see that it is just a bunch of 20 somethings running around in costumes.

We considered it. But sponsoring high school students is more work than you think. Having 3 more to watch is not very easy on the stress. Also, I don't think we could take them if we wanted too. I guess the Mom who wanted to be the female sponsor could go too in my spot so I could concentrate on my own kids but then we would need our own car.... just too much to think about.

I just feel selfish not taking them with me. Is that wrong? How do I enjoy Disneyland knowing my kids are home and would have loved to be there? I had no problem going there as an adult when I was single. I guess my Mom sense is winning out. Disney= kids. Do I tell them I am going? Do I tell them I went without them when I get home? Or just not bring it up and hope they never figure it out. Who knows. I have 4 months to fret over it. Today is the "buy the plane tickets" day. So it is real now. We are going. They are not. Some how I will get over it.


Amy said...

Dude! Take the chance and run with it! Go have some fun for yourself and plan a trip another time for just the kids. You deserve a break!

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