Monday, September 12, 2011

Something New

I am on a quest.  A quest to be healthy and to be a better me.  I want to be able to run with my kids and hike to the tops of beautiful mountains and to fit into someones else's cute jeans.  My journey is to be Fit by 40.  I have a little over 3 years.   I have a cousin who is my "coach."  She challenged me to write in my fitness journal daily.  I will be recording my progress on a new blog.

Feel free to join me or to follow my journey.  I need all the motivation and support I can get!  My first challenge is to run in a 5K on Oct 15.  Anyone want to join me?


Jill said...

I'm there! :) Just tell me where and when.
Good for you, lish!! I"m happy and excited for you. doing the half this summer was an amazing motivator for me. I still have a ways to go-but I'm feeling better every day!! :) Proud of ya!!

Jenn said...

Good Luck!! It is a wonderful goal! I would love to run with you that day, but I am running a Halloween 5K in Salt Lake. You will do great!

the smiths said...

You can do it Lish!! You and Scotty should join up and motivate eachother!! Im so excited for you! Just call Adam and do exactly what he did right? If he can do it, you can do it too!! Love you girl!!!

love, Rach

Michelle said...

I would totally run with you. I won't be prego then so it will be perfect. I will be trying to loose baby weight by then.

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