Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smith Family Reunion 2011

We had our reunion in Island Park this summer, at our friends, The Wells cabin.  We were in charge this year, so it was a little more stressful then it usually ever is.  I thought it was fun and I am pretty sure everyone else had fun.  When we planed the reunion, we were hoping to buy a house.  We certainly didn't know we would close the week before the reunion or we probably would have planned it for a different week.    Needless to say, a few things were over looked, like the oars for our canoes. 

What would have been a leisure 2 hour trip down the river from Big Springs to Macks Inn, turned into a four our drag...Ryan walked most of the way dragging the rest of us all tied together in boats and canoes.  And by us I mean my family and a couple cousins and one sister in law.  Everyone else had a pretty normal trip...except my sisters family who's raft got a hole in it.  They had to get out and walk to the end of the river trip.  They made it back 30 minutes before us though. 

We were smart enough to not take the camera in the water with us, so the funniest thing that happened has no documentation.  But the rest of the reunion was captured well.  Here are some fun pics...warning there are lots!


Idaho Granny said...

Love your blog and all your lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. You should check out my blog. IdahoGranny' at least I think I got it right. LOL

Jill said...

Awesome pics, Lish. It looks like you had an amazing time. I just love your family. All of you!! Thankful for our friendship!

Sandi said...

How lucky to have such a big, fun family to do stuff with!

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