Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some summer stories for ya!

Hey. This is Ryan.

I think enough has happened that it's time to update the general populous.

First, I went back to grad school. This came after a prompting from my classmate and friend, Jill, peer pressured me to just suck it up and go for it. I think her exact words were, "Do it! You gotta do it! You should just do it! Do it, wimp-o!" So I, being the grateful pushover I am, jumped in feet first and with the love and support of my awesome chick, Lish.

You know how some things that are right just fall into place? Well, it must have been the right time because everything really just came together quickly. I had to have my stuff in to the university (Walden University, in case you were wondering. Google it, it's accredited, which translates to legit.) I'm getting my Master's in Educational Science with an emphasis in Integrating Technology in the Classroom. Totally nerdy, but appropriate. Administration just isn't my bag, baby. So far, I've loved it. I'm only two weeks in, though, but I've previewed all my materials and I'm impressed ... and motivated to do better this year. And for four classes more, I can get licensed in Instructional Design and Technology. Win, win. Plus, the first class is free and they give you all your books. It's already added in the cost. I'll be done in two years.

The second thing is we are finally in a position to buy a home. We have worked to clear our debts and credit so that we can provide a good, affordable home for our family. We looked at several and I think we know what we want. The market is great and we can buy a lot of house for a little money. I can't wait for the day when we can sign those papers and get into a home of our own. I really just want to be able to go to the bathroom without someone busting in on me.

This truly is becoming a summer of change.


Sandi said...

I am so excited to see what house you get!

BTW, if you move out of the ward, NO ONE will come help you move, bwahahaha!

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