Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love Summer!

Our life is drastically different in the summer as compared to the rest of the year.
The biggest difference is the absence of a schedule. 
It is not unusual for people to still be asleep at 9 am around here. 
Lately it has been reminiscent of a lazy Saturday...everyday.  
The kids were 30 minutes late to swim team the other morning because I forgot what day it was.
It has been nice. 
I feel like my brain is on vacation.   
Here is what we have been doing.

Multiple trips to the zoo.

 Watching the penguins.
 Playing in the children's zoo.
Stuck in the egg shell.
 Luke has been playing T Ball.

 Waiting to bat.
 The White Lightening.
Ally has been playing softball.
 Lady Tigers up to bat.
 Up to bat.  She plays machine pitch and has improved TONS.
 Jumping on the ripped trampoline.  Dad took it down the next day.
 Losing more teeth!
Spending lots of time at the pool.
 Flying Green Monster
 Relaxing in the sun.
 Ryan's Grandpa Taylor surprised  us one day...he was in town visiting his sister.  Clark had never met him.
Spent the evening at the Global Water Dances event.  My sister organized and choreographed the event. 
 Maga the flag carrier and Molly the Director.

 Beautiful evening.  The weather was perfect.
Emma got a new hair cut.

We have also been able to spend lots of time with cousins.  Ally and Emma have been to Dance Camps, Luke and Emma both attended Tennis Camp.  We have had multiple trips to the library, but not as many as we should. 

hope you are having fun this summer!  We should hang out.


sunnie said...

I am still hoping you will be able to make it down to St. G, I would love to hang out!

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