Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Boy Beds

We have a very small house. There is not a whole lot of room for...well, anything. The boys room has become a catch all for food storage, book shelves, extra pillows and blankets, craft supplies, you name it, it lives in their room. Mostly the closet, but honestly the closet isn't THAT big. It occured to me a few months ago that Luke was turning 6 and he was still sleeping in a toddler bed. In addition to that, Clark has never had a real crib...he has always slept in the pack-n-play. But I have begun to feel pretty strongly that even though there isn't room for it, we need to MAKE room for him to have a real bed.

On Saturday, I was having this very conversation with a good friend who responded with "we have a twin bed matress set just sitting in our basement that we have been meaning to get rid of." So a trip to DI for a bed frame and $10 later Luke has a twin bed! Who knew it was that simple?

We moved Clark into the toddler bed and finally put the pack-n-play away. I had to work that night but when I got home I couldn't resist sneaking in to see them in thier "new room" for the first time. I couldn't find the camera so I used my phone. And I didn't want to turn on the light so they are a little dark.

Clark's first night in a Toddler bed.

Luke sleeping in his full size bed complete with Superman quilt.


Mike, Mary, Maggie, and Max said...

Such cute BIG boys. The rest of the story is did Clark stay in the bed?

Sandi said...

You guys have done some amazing things keeping that house so nice with how small it is. I am always so impressed when I come over.

P.S. Yeah, did he stay in the bed?

lisha said...

Oh and yes he did stay in bed...the first night was great. the 2nd and 3rd not so much. But he stays now all night.

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