Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Rewind

Blogging has fallen by the wayside this summer. Although I am not working nearly as much as I was last summer, I have not wanted to spend time in front of the computer when I am home. It is easier to sit here when there are 10 inches of snow on the ground, but when it is warm outside, there is fun to be had!

I am not sure why Ryan has not been blogging this summer. I know you were all expecting him to write, I know I was. I have to admit I miss his funny stories and adventures without me. Lets face it, he has a great way of putting a spin on everyday monotony that I have yet to capture.

Having said that, I wanted to add some pictures that got missed...for posterity's sake.

Clark learned to hate being confined. Carseats, strollers, even jackets and shoes drive him crazy!

This is the girls last day of school. Ally was excited to wear her "Stand Out" competition outfit since dance was finally over.

Luke and his favortie cousin Yogs with their matching T-shirts. Yes, Ryan bought them both.

Me and Birdie.

Emma on the Bounce house slide. My cousin owns a gym and brought this with her to our family picnic in Smithfield. It was a HIT!

Annual family picture in Smithfield, Utah.

Lukes last soccer game.

Clark enjoying the soccer game.


Sandi said...

I def missed Ryan's "why I miss my wife when she's at work" posts!

Shalah said...

Loved LOVED the pics of the family! The kids are so CUTE and growing fast. I caught up with July and August and it was fun to read about the kids' individual personalities. Halyn still talks about Allie as her friend. Ready to knit something cozy for the winter? Miss you guys!

Maren said...

Lovin' the new (new to me anyway) layout!

Also, lovin' the new dark CURLY hair? Awesome! Even if it doesn't stay curly, I like it.

I too missed Ryan's posts... Boo! He'd better make up for it next summer! ;)

Love/Miss you!

lisha said...

Shells--my hair is always dark--just not when it was sun bleached from 2+ years in the hawaiian sun when you knew me. Shalah--it has been fun to catch up with your blog too...we think about you guys often.

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