Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clark is walking

It's official. Today he walked everywhere, hardly pausing to bear crawl at all. He has also become even more of a terror around the house...if that is possible.
Some favorite things to "unload" include the kitchen garbage can, the Cd stacks under the computer, the box of green tomatoes (they are balls right?) ,the wipes box, the video/dvd drawers and of course every thing in the bathroom.

I found this the other day when it got "quiet".

FYI: the contents all came from the trash can and include an empty shampoo bottle, an empty contact solution bottle, a banana peel and several kleenex.

Oh and did I mention he can lift the lid by himself. A skill he will need his whole life. He has only smashed his fingers 3 times this week.


Brenda said...

Ugh! That toilet picture does not make me jealous :)

Sandi said...

Hahahahaha! At least it was from the garbage and not the counter.

Tandee said...

I love the toilet. But how can you get mad at such a cutie? Rhett has emptied a whole roll of tp into the toilet, which I have tried to flush down (after cleaning out what I thought was enough), and then flooded the bathroom with. Baby-proofing is so fun. =)

Mike, Mary, & Maggie said...

Let the games begin!

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