Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 for Tuesday--My week in Pictures

We had a lot going on this past week. That always seems to happen when family comes to town. The camera seems to come out a lot more on those days too.

1- Clark Thomas Hansen got blessed on Sunday. It was his special day and my family all got to come and be there to celebrate it with us.

2- Maga found this cute outfit that he wore. It fit perfectly and he looked so handsome! 3- We had a big lunch at Gertie's house. We ate Chili and baked potatoes. She was sweet to let us all congregate there. My house is waaay to small for that many people to try and gather. Let's face it, it is too small for the people who live in it!

4- Saturday night the adults all got babysitters and we went to dinner and bowling at the Bowl-ero. It was so much fun to be with my family and have fun. The floor was extra slippery, but I don't think we got any pictures of anyone falling, although most of us did at one time or another.

5- Clark is smiling more and more at anyone and everyone who takes the time to talk to him. He gets a big fun grin on his face that melts my heart!

6- Along with the smiling, he has started to "talk" up a storm! He loves it when people talk back and listen to him. He has got a lot to say already!

7- Luke is learning to be more imaginative with his drawing. It used to be hard to get him to color a picture much less draw something on a blank piece of paper. While I am glad he feels more creative, I am not sure I like where he choose to put his latest masterpiece!

8- While I am not super fond of the picture, it is my reality right now. I love my sweet husband, but he is a little too free with the camera sometimes. After I looked closely at this picture though I realized it was rather humorous. This is me on a normal day doing laundry. Apparently I needed a nap.

9- He is cute huh?

10- I am shopping for a camera of my own. (Ryan brings the school ones home when he can for me to use) My birthday is coming up and I think that is what I am getting. Does anyone have a great one they want to tell me about? Leave me a comment and tell me what kind you have and how much you like/dislike it. I think consumer feedback is the best way to go when it comes to these kinds of purchases.


Shelley said...

Were you making Clark do the laundry too? He looks more tired than you do! (He's getting to be so so cute!)

Love the pics, keep up the great work!

5c077 said...

where are more bowling pics?

sunnie said...

Clark's smile is so cute. After researching I found that the Canon A530 was the best for what we needed. I don't think they make it anymore but I don't think you can go wrong with a Canon. It has 5 megapixels and 4X zoom and I love it and recommend it.

Susan said...

I love the pic of you and Clark sleeping, that is what mommy life is all about in the beginning especially.

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