Monday, June 2, 2008

Kindergarten Here I come!

Emma graduated from preschool and she is super excited to go to Kindergarten. She already met her teacher and did her "testing" to see where she is in the ready to read scale. I think she expected to go as soon as she turned 5, which was in March. After her birthday weekend she woke up Monday morning expecting to go to Kindergarten. Of course that didn't happen.

Then when she finished Preschool she was ready the very next day to head off to Kindergarten. It has been a hard adjustment for her to have to wait for the summer to be over. It is hard for kids to understand the concept of time. 3 months means nothing to her. It might as well be 3 years.

I wanted to share this picture because #1 it is super cute and #2 is a source of great conflict for me. This is by far one of the best pictures ever taken of her. They never take the normal school pictures this well. No this is one of those that they take without you knowing, print a million of and send home for you to "look at" but are not obligated to purchase. Whoever thought of this dirty trick is on my list! And not only does it look great, it cost 3 times what the crappy school pictures I bought at the beginning of the year cost. Stupid Picture man. Not fair.


Andrea said...

oh how adorable!!!! she is sooo cute! Lish! We need to get together! Are you going to meetings or anything? let me know!

sunnieadams said...

Emma has grown up and we haven't been there to see her!

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