Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love this time of year. I have been trying to sort out what it is I love the most and here it is.

I love getting back in touch with old friends. I know I should probably never fall out of touch, but life happens. It brings back all the good memories of why they are important to me. Even those who I only hear from once a year, this is when it happens.

I love spending time outside in the cool, brisk air. Even though it is cold, I think I love to be in the snow more than any other weather. Don't get me wrong, I love me a hot beach any day, but I think the fond memories of the holidays are all wrapped up in snow for me. When I lived in that "tropical place" it was really hard to feel the spirit of Christmas whenI was in shorts and it was 80 degrees outside.

I love baking endless goodies for anyone and everyone. Cookies, candy, breads, you name it. It is the perfect excuse to turn on my oven and make the things my family say are "too fancy" throughout the rest of the year. Everyone is my neighbor when it comes to goodie season. Yum.

I love creating fun gifts for family and friends. We did a homemade christmas one year where everything had to be homemade. I LOVED it. Even though it is not realistic with 3 small kids, I try to at least create some of the gifts we give. Even if it is a knitted scarf, a plate of goodies, or special holiday card for Grandma.

I love how everyone you meet seems to have a smile on their face. Peoples attitudes change during the holidays. Some may be not for the better, but for most people you can feel the spirit of Christmas just by looking at them. It shows in the way they dress too. Winter is a time to bust out those fun sweaters and earings you would never ever wear anywhere else. I personally don't have any, but I know people who do.

I love surprises. Creating them the most, but I like mine when I get them too. The look on someones face when they open that perfect gift is better than anything else in the world. The year my mom gave my dad a trip to Hawaii was priceless. I could hardly contain my excitement. The best part, they were coming to visit me!

I could go on for hours. This truly is a magical time of year. I love it so much. It is hard to not get caught in the shopping aspect of it, but it is not why we celebrate Christmas. Santa is fun until you are 9 or 10, but family and friends last for a lifetime. Jesus Christ loves us more than anything. That is where the true Christmas spirit comes from. Our love for him shows in the way we treat others and especially how we honor his birth.


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