Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 for Tuesday--Getting Ready for Christmas

Lots to do. Lots to do. Here we go...backwards in the countdown to Christmas tradition.

10- Finish making the yummy treats for the neighbors and deliver them. (I have already devoted 2 full days to this adventure and I am still not done.)

9- Find 3-6 month size clothes in super disorganized storage unit. Clean out 0-3 month clothes in dresser. Open boxes, wash 3-6 month clothes, repack 0-3 month clothes, put 3-6 month clothes in dresser, take 0-3 month clothes to DI, storage unit, wherever. Repeat in 2 months. You understand. And right now is when he chooses to have the growth spurt. Not like I don't have anything to do this week. At least it comes with sleeping a lot.

8- Pick up Christmas cards and find envelopes. Write Christmas letter. Buy stamps. Address envelopes. Stick on stamps (genius who invented the "sticker" kind, my tongue thanks you). You may get a New Year Card this year instead of a Christmas Card. Consider yourself notified.

7- Continue to teach children they do not need to get EVERYTHING on their Christmas list and try not to be disappointed when you don't lesson. We are struggling with that this year.

6- Buy Christmas gifts from Mom and Dad. We got the Santa part covered--more on that later, but we can't combine the gifts, we realized or the kids might get suspicious. Not that that would be a bad thing. They are a little young though still. (RE Welcome to the worst day of your life via Andrea's blog reference to her friends take on Christmas songs)

5- Take the kids one at a time to buy gifts for their siblings. Super fun.

4- Dress Rehearsal for dance Thursday night. Dance recital Friday night. Buy tights, hair spray, white shoes to be painted orange, and bobby pins for bun. Learn how to put hair in a bun. (pics to come)

3- Finish making homemade gifts. Buy rest of items needed to make them. Wrap and deliver before we leave to CA and AZ on Saturday. (pics to follow but I don't want to spoil the surprise)

2- Pack for a 9 day adventure through 3 different climates. Finish laundry, find luggage in storage unit.

1- As if I was not busy enough, we get our monthly paycheck on Friday and the bills need to be paid BEFORE we leave on Saturday for our fun trip. (BTW This is usually an all day task.)

Let me just say, I love the holidays and even though I am super anxious about getting everything done, I wouldn't change it for the world! At least I have a working car, bills to pay(cause I have a place to live), and people I love to get Christmas ready for! Merry Christmas I hope you have a great holiday season!


Shelley said...

That's a LOT to attack/handle in one 10 for Tuesday! I hope you do it. And if NONE of it gets done, then replace it with one item of service so the kids know what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is all about! :) Happy Holidays!

Andrea said...

hey missy! I miss you!!! We find out what we are having in time for christmas and I was thinking that if it (the baby) is a boy maybe I could be your DI and go through it and see if there is anything that we can use! How is mary kay?

Trent & Amber said...

Hey Lisha,

Are you set up to pay your bills online? If so just set it to pay, but put the date for after your paycheck goes in the bank.
I learned this little trick when I was getting ready to go to the hospital on Aug 27th to have Cael.
Very much understand about the packing and unpacking clothes. You get to start getting rid of stuff, yay!! You should bring some of the clothes you are taking to DI to Rebecca for Cason. I know that she would gladly accept.

Sandi said...

Check out my blog for the link to the book reviewer's info. I think it is the fourth post down.

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